METU Bookstore serves in its one floor building, in Çarşı Sitesi inside METU Campus.

In the Bookstore, the students and the academic staff can walk around and make their choices about the books in a free and comfortable atmosphere. In the sales and the stocking of the books, a computerized system is used; and there is an electronic control system for safety as well.

The Bookstore imports the textbooks that are used in METU's curriculum, from the main book companies out of Turkey, providing special conditions for the benefit of students; and then sells the books with a price slightly higher than their expenses. Students, as they learn the textbooks' titles and authors from their departments, can provide those textbooks from the bookstore.

Beside the textbooks, the Bookstore also provides the magazines and publications of METU and the publications of various institutions. The publications of the School of Foreign Languages are also sold in the Bookstore.

During the sales in the Bookstore at Ankara Campus, Credit Card can be used besides cash.

Customers outside Ankara may also order from Bookstore. The booklist may be used. Remittance can be made to our account number no. 8980700-5029 (IBAN:TR370001001537089807005029) at T.C. Ziraat Bankası ODTÜ Branch. Bank's receipt, shipment address, phone number and the courier service preference have to be faxed either to 0312 210 28 22 or emailed to kitapm@metu.edu.tr.

Prices are limited with our stocks. 

Value added tax is included in the prices.